Tri Sherpa Multisport Club

Tri Sherpa Multisport club is a well organized group of athletes training and racing together; networking with each other. We have a growing list of sponsors providing a multitude of services and business affiliates enhancing our daily lives. Within the Club exists a coalition of internal and external coaches serving our club members and running weekly workouts available to all club members. Our club has various programs available to club members such as:

Triathlon training plans

Triathlon group workouts

Swim, bike and running technical instruction

track workouts

Triathlon and cycling custom clothing

Robust incentive package savings on racing and shop purchases



As many of you already know one of our teammates was seriously injured while riding her bike in West Texas. We are saddened beyond measure by this event. Please consider making a donation below to help with the overwhelming medical costs and other expenses needed for Myranda to reclaim her functionality and independence.  We are also  hosting the With Brave Wings 5k and bike rally the weekend of her birthday, over Labor Day, REGISTER HERE and the proceeds from that event will of course benefit Myranda's journey to a full recovery!

Your support in any capacity is greatly appreciated.
Stay safe everyone. #onelove


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Our website is a window into our club activities and programs, a way for us to promote and support club activities. Please check us out and see if we're a fit into your journey. We would love to have you join us for some training, racing and TRI-fun. We're on Facebook @ "TriSherpa for Multisports of Denton".



To represent a unified body of athletes with a reputation as a PREMIER MULTI-SPORT CLUB in the North Texas Area; providing authentic, high quality training opportunities, affordable coaching options,  committed to sharing knowledge with our club members. 


  • To deliver a club that focuses on our athlete's needs improving their performance and enjoyment for the sport
  • To support and organize safe group workouts
  • Facilitate the social networking
  • Provide affordable coaching plans; weekly training plans
  • Provide quality lessons perfecting triathletes skills and race tactics, 

Our club is here for all athletes (young and old, fast and not so fast, beginner, intermediate and life long athletes).  All are welcome to join us as we're an "all-inclusive" club.

Tri Sherpa benefits triathletes who seek more than they internally possess. Those looking to enhance their journey and connect with other like-minded athletes (of all levels). We have training groups in Denton, Flower Mound, Fort Worth and St. Louis, IL. Regardless of your location, we are an affordable option for: group training, training plans focused on race goals, and a huge incentive package geared to saving club members money especially, if your racing and purchasing products in the greater DFW area.


Tri Sherpa Multisport Club was established in 2013 by Archie Salters; a local DFW triathlete. While training and racing in and around the Denton area for over 10 years, lifelong friendships were developed where group training and sharing information became the standard. Expert training plans, technique focused workouts, and strategies were perfected. It was through this journey of training and racing with  great friends when the idea of creating a club that enhanced everyone's experience was born. In late 2013 Tri Sherpa Multisport Club was created, a marketing and social networking tool to bring these products to those interested.

"I have found that it was the SOCIAL ASPECT of training and racing that drew me into the multisport. There are so many great athletes in and around DFW. I wanted Tri Sherpa MultiSport to enhance thier experience, spread this wealth of knowledge and to help those taking part in it." Archie Salters, CEO


We have a  coalition of Tri Sherpa coaches to lead us. Together we provide to club members:

  • Weekly swim, bike and run training opportunities 
  • Access to 3 coaches 
  • Affordable weekly training plans
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Indoor cycle training program powered by COMPUTRAINER. 
  • Personal training available for Core, Flexibility and Strength (CFS)
  • A network of club members , Sponsors and Discounted services and products
  • Club Parties and swag every year

Thanks for making it this far. Please continue browsing, feel free to contact me directly (text, call or email me) for questions.


Tri Sherpa is actively seeking to expand; if your a coach for our brand coming to your area soon. Join our team and ride the wave of success. We have the infrastructure to support you; allowing you to focus on athletes, while we take care of all the business end.


Archie Salters, Denton Coach/Race Coordiator/Cool Guy & CEO              

(940) 536-9871                                  



Stacey Harris, Race Director/Nutrition Coach & WonderWoman

(210) 383-0736


Terrie Carlson/Admistrations & Best Friend/Sister 

(321) 394-1370


Cole Fugate, Flower Mound Coach & STUD Athlete

(817) 219-5979


Melody Kresser, Marketing Director & Super cool CHICKA

(817) 721-7936



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