Tri Sherpa Multisport Club

Tri Sherpa Multisport club is a well organized group of athletes training and racing together; networking with each other. We have a growing list of sponsors providing a multitude of services and business affiliates enhancing our daily lives. Within the Club exists a coalition of internal and external coaches serving our club members and running weekly workouts available to all club members. Our club has various programs available to club members such as:

Triathlon training plans

Triathlon group workouts

Swim, bike and running technical instruction

track workouts

Triathlon and cycling custom clothing

Robust incentive package savings on racing and shop purchases


TEAM, We have completed 8 orders in the 2 short years since we opened our doors. We have been loyal to Champion and are getting the best rates they offer. We have negotiated a faster delivery time of no just a few short weeks (4-5). . If you mist our last order, Don't fret, there is always another order building so simply get your requests into Archie (ME) and I will start the next order.

Please see the bottom of this page and reference the template for your order. It is very important for you to use the correct terminology and identify the color (white or black) and size. Here's a list of all items we have available through Champ Systems with pricing. Here's a link to the sizing chart that you'll need. For many items there are several options so please specify what option and size you'd like. Prices may vary slightly as champion is constantly providing cost savings back to you as the custom clothing industry improves.




CS Performance Classic Tri Suit $ 88.00

CS Performance Link Tri Suit $ 144.00

CS Performance Blade Tri Suit $ 144.00

CS Apex Link Tri Suit $ 158.00

CS Apex Blade Tri Suit $ 158.00

CS Apex Triathlon Speedsuit $ 240.00

CS Elite Tri Suit $ 190.00

CS Elite Women Specific Tri Suit (racer back) $ 190.00

CS Elite Women Specific Tri Swimsuit $ 150.00


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