Tri Sherpa Multisport Club

Tri Sherpa Multisport club is a well organized group of athletes training and racing together; networking with each other. We have a growing list of sponsors providing a multitude of services and business affiliates enhancing our daily lives. Within the Club exists a coalition of internal and external coaches serving our club members and running weekly workouts available to all club members. Our club has various programs available to club members such as:

Triathlon training plans

Triathlon group workouts

Swim, bike and running technical instruction

track workouts

Triathlon and cycling custom clothing

Robust incentive package savings on racing and shop purchases


Archie Salters

Archie grew up in Melbourne, Florida. He joined the Air Force when he was 20 years old, traveled all over for 5 years, winding right back where he grew up for the last two years of his 7 year enlistment. He remained in Florida another 2 years before moving to Denton in 2000 where he has been ever since. Archie was married for 18 years and divorced in 2009.  He met the girl of his dreams in 2011, Jessica Shifflett and feels he is having a well deserved new beginning and loving every day of it. He has 3, kids and 1 grandchild! Aaron (22) and married with one child (his first grandson who was born on December 24th 2014 (Elijah James Salters). Cheslea (19) college student and working at Sally Beauty Supply, lives at home. She is beautiful and as silly as they come- a mini Archie in the female form. Noah (15) High School Sophmore, lives at home with Archie and is his best friend. He plays baseball, as a outfielder and rides dirtbikes. Archie works for FEMA. He is an Emergency Management field, Operations Specialist. Archie started doing triathlons in 2006. He got started after hearing about a local race and felt he would give it a shot.  He didn't know it would lead to this!  Archie started TriSherpa in the spring of 2014. It was a natural progression of things due to an increasing network of friends who enjoy triathlon in the local community. He found that a stronger network of athletes joined together would benefit everyone. The skills he picked up over the years were a benefit to others just getting started and the group training was very fulfilling. Some of his most memorable events include : His first 70.3 in Kansas. He finished side by side with Jamie Dake, a proven great friend and triathlete. His 1st 140.6 in Louisville. There were 5 local triathletes who did it together. This group is what began the initial conversations of starting a club. All but one of these athletes is now a member of the Tri Sherpa Multisport Club! Archie’s athletic goals are as follows: To continue progressing as a triathlete, coach and club leader, compete at Galveston 70.3 and improve on my results, compete at various smaller races in the Denton area, compete at Redman 140.6 OUCH!!! Also, beat his previous 2 full distance results, and return to Houston for the 70.3 oilman and beat his previous results (possibly place in age group). Above all this, Archie’s goal is to have fun, enjoy the race season, lead TriSherpa well by making it the best triathlon club in the area!Something that you might not know about Archie is that he doesn’t watch much TV, but when he does, he enjoys shows about the cosmos, nature, the planet and animals. He loves to build and do home improvement jobs. He wishes he could fly like an eagle like the tattoo on his shoulder!

Bill Kresser    

Bill was born in the Chicago area, but grew up in North Richland Hills (Tarrant County). He currently lives in Benbrook (Southwest Ft. Worth) with his wife Melody Kresser (also a Triathlete) & their 4 children. Bill works for BBVA Compass in Benbrook, Texas.  Bill played soccer in College on a scholarship as well as for club teams well into his adult life until a knee injury in 2012. His debut triathlon was the St. Patty's Day Tri in 2013. He has been hooked ever since. He met Archie at Hotter N Hell 2014 and found out about TriSherpa. Bill just conquered IRONMAN Woodlands in April 2017! Something you don't know about Bill is that he has broken his collar bone 4 times, once in each metropolitan area he has lived in. Be careful Bill, no broken collar bones with TriSherpa!   

Duane Coker

Duane grew up in Mesquite and is now living in Little Elm with his high school sweetheart Louellen who he has been married to for over 24 years! As many of you know, Duane is an attorney here in Denton and his law firm is one of our awesome TriSherpa sponsors! (see the back of your jersey). Duane was originally a cyclist. After taking about a 20 year break, he got back into cycling which evolved into Triathlon. He has been doing Triathlon for about 4 years now. He heard about TriSherpa through his friend and fellow TriSherpa, Ted Dunson. Some of Duane’s most memorable races include include the following:  his first triathlon in Athens. The temps were in the 30’s with a wind chill in the teens. His T1 was about 7 minutes in a sprint distance due to all of the clothes he had to put on to stay warm! He PR’d for the Olympic distance at HyVee, qualified for Olympic Nationals and then bombed at Milwaulkee. He did his first 70.3 this past fall in Austin. He recalls cheering people on for about 2 hours after his finish being a really cool moment. His main athletic goal for 2015 is to complete his first full IM at Louisville. Something interesting that you might not know about Duane is that he and Louellen keep bees and produce some realty good local honey!

Stephanie Reinke          

Jessica Shifflet               

Lucas Polich

Luke was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and has been living near Denton for a long time now. Luke is single and works at the County Courts building as a "paper pusher" as he describes it while he is working on his Master's degree in geography. Luke was talked into trying his first triathlon by his brother back in 2010. After his first one he was "hooked" even though he says he got completely "destroyed". He met Archie at a race packet pick up and the rest was history, he became a TriSherpa.  Some of his most memorable races include his first race , Try the Tri 2010, The Historic McKinney Kiwanis in 2011 (only because it took place during a hail storm, really his helmet has hail damage to prove it), and his first 70.3 Ironman New Orleans in 2012 where his nerves were "through the roof." His goal for 2015 is to finally knock that 140.6 off the bucket list! Something interesting you might not know about Luke is that he is allergic to shirts but we all already knew that since we all razz him about it every chance we get!                  

Johny Richey                

Landon Turrubiarte

Landon was born in Denton and raised in Krum.  He is now living in Denton and loves it! He is married with one daughter who is 2 and a boy who is due in July! Landon is a full time middle school teacher. He got connected with TriSherpa after meeting several of the original member’s  on group rides a couple of years ago.  He was able to see TriSherpa develop from the beginning. It has turned out into a fantastic and supportive group of members. His most memorable event was Texas Ironman 2011. He said it was so nice having his whole family there to support and watch him complete that event. Austin 70.3 was fun as well because he took some friends along to watch the race. A few of Landon’s Goals for 2015 include completing in a 50K trail race as well as completing the Redman 140.6. Something you might not know about Landon is that he has a furniture/design business with my best friends on the side called Alton's Furnishings!

Marty Rivers

Marty grew up in Weatherford, Oklahoma and has lived in Denton since 1993. He is married to sweet Toni Rivers. They have 2 children, Cole (son) and Kendall (daughter) who both attend Denton High School. Marty is an Executive Vice President & Chief Lending Officer with First State Bank. He is on the Board of Directors and responsible for the lending function of the entire bank as well as the operations of the four FSB branches in Denton. Marty says that his wife Toni blames their friend, Bobby Folsom for getting Marty into the sport of Triathlon. Marty met Bobby when he was training for Ironman Louisville. Marty was a runner but never really swam or cycled. His friend Bobby inspired him to check out the sport. He began to realize there were different distances in Triathlon and that you didn’t have to start out with an Ironman race. He bought the book, “Your First Triathlon” by Joel Friel and started training for his first sprint race. That was about 4 years ago. Marty found out about TriSherpa after meeting Archie and getting invited to work out with a few fellow triathletes that eventually turned into TriSherpa. Marty reports, “It’s been very helpful to be a part of such a great group of athletes and friends. I am learning something new every day.” Marty’s first race was the Monster Tri in Denton.   His family was there with signs cheering him on. (That’s back when he thought riding 16 miles was a lot.)  He had a great time but didn’t realize that was the end of the tri season. His first Olympic distance race was very memorable.  He will never forget looking at the swim set up for the first time and seeing how far away the first buoy was.  He was very nervous about the swim and was so excited when he completed it. Marty has some great goals for 2015. He is training for the Legend 70.3 in Kansas and the Redman 140.6 in OKC. Something about Marty that you might not know is that he was born in Iowa! And, he got engaged to his wife Toni after 2 months of knowing her , was married in 6 months and they just celebrated their  25th wedding anniversary!

Manny Rosales

Manny is originally from Dallas, TX and spent most of his life moving all over the metroplex before deciding to settle in Denton, TX. He is currently single and working at a new job with the county will free him up for more time to work on his Masters! Manny has been running since he was a young kid because he enjoyed it and it was peaceful. He rode his bike to get around campus at UNT and for leisure. However, swimming was a new thing for him. With the help of 4 good friends, he was able to at least survive the swim. He has been doing Triathlons since 2010. After taking a year off, he is ready to pick it back up and get 1st place!! Okay maybe just finish in the top 15% in his age group. Manny got connected to TriSherpa through his friend Luke, another TriSherpa. Manny’s most memorable race was Tri Waco since it was a nice small road trip as well as his first open water swim. Manny’s goal for this year is to be more competitive in the swim, which he says is his weakness. Manny has great confidence that he will indeed reach his goal! Something you might not know about Manny is that he minored in Russian and taught two intro classes at UNT. He even has a “Rate My Professor” page. Manny also knows ASL however he says its slipping due to infrequent use nowadays.

Tobe McCann

Tobe was born in Ft. Worth. He moved to Muenster when he was 13 and now lives in Denton with his wife, Anne Rinn-McCann. They have 3 kids- Caitlyn(6), Carter(4) and Samson(2). Tobe is a financial planner with Northwestern Mutual. Tobe gained an interest in Triathlon after sitting in church one Sunday and hearing the preacher talk about the book of Hebrews about how we must endure and run our race. This resonated with him. Tobe believes life is an endurance race and that people are driven by hope. It is his goal to one day run an Ironman, obtain sponsors, and donate the money toward the Cumberland Children's Home in Denton. He believes if those kids can just endure through this hard time in their life, there is hope. Tobe got connected with TriSherpa after meeting Archie at his first Triathlon, the Mean Green Sprint in March of 2015.  This was his first and most memorable race as he got 2nd place in the Clydesdale division. He would have placed 5th in his age group (30-34). Tobe's goal is to complete an Ironman. Something you might not know about Tobe is that when he was 17 his appendix bursted. After surgery, the doctors told him it had bursted 2-3 weeks prior and they had no idea how he was alive, let alone walked himself into the hospital!

Jennifer Oebel

Jeni is originally from Southeastern Idaho and currently lives in Waxahachie.  She has been married 19 years as of this June and two children Lexi (senior) and Isaac (sophomore). Jeni is an accounting assistant. She has been a runner on and off for most of her life and started doing Tri's last spring! She was inspired after watching some of her runner friends compete in a Tri the Summer of 2013. She decided she would "tri" too! She found out about TriSherpa through one of our members, Alex Teague. Her most memorable race was the Pioneer Power Sprint. She got third in her age division and earned herself a spot at the National Championships in Milwaukee, 2015!  She also loved the Possum Kingdom Trifecta! She loved the beautiful course and the epic climb on the bike. Her big goal for 2015 is to complete the Austin 70.3.  Something you might not know about Jeni is that just 2 years ago, she was 40 lbs heavier and completed her first 5k in over 18 years!

Kevin Crooks

Kevin and his family are originally from Missouri but have recently moved to Argyle, Texas. He is married with two busy kids. She is currently an active duty soldier.  From a very young age Kevin has been active in a variety of competitive sports but within the last year became interested in triathlons.  Kevin found out about TriSherpa after researching local Tri clubs and came across the Trisherpa Club. He also works at Fema with Archie!  This season Kevin will complete his  first triathlon and 1/2 marathon.     

Bryan Girouard

Bryan is in his third season of triathlon and has completed over 30 races from super sprints to the 70.3 distances. He also enjoys coaching young triathletes. A runner since he was 8, he runs numerous road races in the triathlon off-season in distances from 5K to half marathon.  

Austin Foster

Austin is in his third season of triathlon and has competed in over 20 races, placing in the top 3 in his age group in nearly every race. He is the 2013 Texas State Olympic distance champion and the 2014 South Midwest Regional Olympic distance champion in the 19 and under age group. He competed in the 2014 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and received the USA Triathlon Most Inspirational Comeback Award for 2013. He has an extensive running background, and is a 2-time regional qualifier in cross country and holds his school record in the 800 meter run.          

Stone Walters

Stone is in his third season of triathlon and has competed in over a dozen races in that short time, usually placing in the top 3 in his age group. He is the 2014 South Midwest Regional Sprint distance champion in the 19 and under age group and he placed second at the 2014 South Midwest Regional Olympic distance championships in the 19 and under age group. He also competed in the 2014 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a 2-time state cross country qualifier, and in track he hold his school records in the 1600 meter and 3200 meter runs.   

Alex Weaver  

Alex was born in one of those small Yankee states in the Northeast. He has been living in the Dallas area since 1999. Alex is supported by his very patient wife Ali, and two young children. As an avid cyclist over the years, Alex attempted his first triathlon in October 2013. He was immediately drawn to the sport due to the cross training discipline and the people he was able to meet. In September 2014, Alex completed an Ironman distance triathlon in Oklahoma City. Using Phil Maffatone Training as foundational principles, Alex focusing on deep aerobic conditioning, balanced with an overall holistic lifestyle approach. He is now focused on metabolic efficiency and further understanding the impact of stress and heart rate variability (HRV) on his training. Alex and his  family live on a hobby farm with many animals in the Denton area.

Alex Teague  

Alex is originally from Germany and currently lives in Corinth.He is a husband and proud father of 3- He says, “notice the gray hair setting in?” Alex works as an ops manager for a software and automation firm in Grapevine, Texas. He has been involved with endurance sports and Triathlon since 2008 but has been active in sports his entire life. His father actually got him started in the sport and they have been racing together since day one.  Alex has been training with many of the original group members prior to the formalization of the TriSherpa group. His most memorable race was  Redman 140.6  in 2010. He reports, “I thought I was going to die, literally.” Some of his athletic goals for 2015 include doing a few sprints as well as to run a 50 mile off road race in November called the Wild Hare. Something you might not know about Alex is that he loves to compete, not necessarily with others but he likes a challenge, more accurately to challenge himself. He has quite a few races under his belt to include 4 Iron Distance races (140.6), most recent of which was IM Louisville 2014. Racing and training are definitely part of his life and have become a way of life. In fact he says, “I can't imagine my life without training.”                   

Ted Dunson

Ted is the Owner and Dentist at Southridge Dental in Denton, and a proud sponsor of TriSherpa:) He has been practicing dentistry in Denton for 17 years. He lives in the Castle Hills/Lewisville area with his wonderfully supportive wife Carly and his adorable 3 year old twin girls, Sydney and Presley. These 3 girls make up his wonderful cheering squad. Ted started in Triathlon in 2011.  He reports that he was really overweight and out of shape, and ended up fracturing his leg/ankle while on vacation in Mexico. A plate and 12 screws later, he was in a wheel chair for 3 months and got up to 265lbs.  His doctor told him that he would never run again and that he would be  lucky if he ever  walked normally again. The doctor recommended he try swimming or aqua aerobics to rehab his ankle.   It was at this point that Ted made a serious life changing decision to get back in shape.   He learned how to "swim" and started riding a bike, and began working out with weights.   He slowly lost the weight and one year later decided to try a sprint triathlon in Athens, Texas in 2011.  He caught the tri-bug and never looked back.  Ted reports "I've always had an addictive personality and this was no exception, but at least it was a healthy one….LOL." He completed his first Ironman last year in the Woodlands with a very conservative 12:30, and plans to do IM Louisville this October.  He has  been fortunate enough to win his age group in most of the local sprints and won the Masters Overall at the Best of the Best in 2013.  He really enjoys the shorter distances, because he likes the racing aspect more than the endurance events, but feels that both are very challenging in their own way. He got connected with TriSherpa by meeting Archie.  As he improved and started placing in the local races, he became acquainted with Archie as they battled it out, and a friendly rivalry ensued.  The fun easy going competitive spirit of the TriSherpa group is the main reason he decided to get involved and race and train with them.   He also reports, "Archie is a great coach and motivator, especially for a sub-par swimmer like myself :)." Ted has a very busy spring with several sprints and Olympic races and IM Louisville culminating in 2015.

Todd Gray

Todd grew up in the panhandle of Florida and currently lives in South Denton. He is married to his awesome wife Cindy along with 2 pretty cool kids ages 20 and 17. Todd is a science teacher in Denton. Todd did his first Tri in 1988 because  he thought it might be fun. He said the mental scars lasted until 2013 (he got off track but he is back now!) Todd joined Trisherpa with the purpose of having some great people with similar interests to train with. Some of his most memorable races include 2104 Redman (140.6 distance) as well as just a ton of fun training for the full IM distance, the 2014 Xterra Race in Ruston, LA. This is a long distance off road tri and Todd says he loves it there! A few other mentionables include a 24 hour  mtn bike race in Lubbock as well as the Ouachita Challenge Mtn Bike Race in Arkansas! A few of Todd's goals for 2015 include returning to the podium at the Redman full distance as well as to win the Xterra in Ruston, LA.  Todd says that if he won the lottery, he would get his doctorate, train a whole lot more, and pay someone else to mow his lawn!

Fransisco Guzman         

Stacey Nusbaum   

Stacey was born in Wichita Falls but grew up in Denton. She is married to Walt (a.k.a. faithful supporter, greatest cheerleader, and endurer of her triathlon obsession). She has 4 children: 1 girl and 3 boys ( ages 13-20). She is an RN and currently working on her masters to become a Nurse Practitioner. She got involved with Triathlon in 2003 after attending an "informational meeting" for an organization called Team In Training that raises money for Leukemia by participating in Marathons/Triathlons/Century Rides.  By the time the meeting was over she was signed up to compete in her first Triathlon the summer of 2004. She got connected with TriSherpa after meeting Archie at the Wednesday night time trial. Her most memorable races include the Team In Training Pacific Grove, California Olympic Distance. It was only her second triathlon. It was on the anniversary of 9/11 in 2004.  She had the privilege of wearing over 20 ribbons with names of individuals who were battling leukemia (many of them children). Her race was in honor of them, to raise money for their treatment. It was freezing cold water and a rather painful experience but knowing she was pushing hard through the pain for something greater than herself was an experience she won't forget.  After that, she was hooked.  Other memorable occasions include nearly drowning at King Tut in 2014 (haha with horrible weather conditions) and winning the Overall Masters at the Monster Tri Denton 2013. When they called out the award, she asked her husband… "What is the Master's?" Some goals for 2015 include: completing her first 70.3 at Galveston 2015, completing  Redman 140.6 2015, several sprint distances, and achieving 21 mph average bike pace and a sub 8 run pace during a 2015 race. Something you might not know about Stacey is... she is an automobile make and model expert… Just ask her husband. :) And one final Note.. Stacey reports she is "Grateful for the great sport of triathlon, for being a part of TriSherpa and for the friendships that have been made as a result of this awesome club."                  

Jason Sanberg  

Jason grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently lives in Argyle, TX. He is married and has 2 boys, Jackson (12) and Brady (9). Jason works for AT&T as a manager for their U-verse product. Jason loves to swim and did a few sprint triathlons after he got married. After taking a 10 year break, he recently decided to get back into the sport. He got involved with TriSherpa after meeting Archie and Stacey at the nat. The only race Jason competed in recently was the 2014 TWU pioneer sprint. It was a memorable race that motivated Jason to train harder and be more dedicated. Jason’s goal for 2015 is to improve his cycling and running. Something you might not know about Jason is that he loves board sports- snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and anything that involves wiping out. He says he’s particularly good at wiping out!


Jason Paulson                                                          

Brad Bowerman

Brad is originally from upstate NY. His father got sick of the weather and moved the family to Austin. Brad is currently living in Ft. Worth, TX with his wife Lindsay who he reports is the "SEXIEST" Sherpa on the team! He and Lindsay have been married for 8 ½ wonderful years! They are still working on adding children to their 2 person, 3 cat family. In the few days each week that he isn’t wearing spandex, he is a Dallas firefighter at paramedic Station 37 in North Dallas. Brad got started in triathlon after watching his wife race for 2 years, never figuring out the best place in a race to actually spectate, and finally realizing that it's much easier to DO a race, than WATCH a race! 2015 will be Brad’s 5th season "tri'ing”.Brad originally got connected to TriSherpa while suffering through the run course at TexasMan X-50 in 2014 with the Supreme Sherpa, Archie Salters. He reports that he and Lindsay were humbled that day by poor nutrition and training.  After realizing that a podium finish wasn't possible that day, they spent the rest of the race shuffling through Johnson Branch State Park and discussing the possibility of a tri club in the Metroplex. They wanted a club that could race hard, play hard, and spread the love for endurance sports! Some of Brad’s most memorable races include Galveston 70.3 in 2011 (realizing that he could do that distance),New Orleans 70.3 2012 (when it was turned into a long-course duathlon), and USAT Age Group Nationals 2014 in Milwaukee (racing against the best AG'ers in the country in a first-class venue and unbelievable course)! Brad’s Athletic goals for 2015: swim faster than Archie (if even for 25 meters), bike faster than Ted, and run like he could actually beat Bryan in a running race!! And last but not least- help expand Tri-Sherpa throughout Tarrant County. Something interesting that most people may not know about Brad is that he is an identical twin with Jeff Bowerman, assistant AD at TWU and the person responsible for turning TWU Sprint into the best short-course race in North Texas!

Lindsay Bowerman               

Jamie Dake                      

Chris Rankin

Chris was born in St. Charles, Mo and is currently living in Glen Carbon, Il. He was recently married! Congrats! He has 4 children that include: Nick-15, Ashlyn-10, Logan-8, Sam-8, Mackenzie-6. He is a Steelworker at local 1899- Cranemen. He was talked into the sport of Triathlon by Carl Dake and his cousin, Jamie Dake (current Tri Sherpa coach).  His motivation to start triathlon was mainly to get into shape and it has now turned into a love for the sport and the awesome people involved in it! He has been in sport for 5 years now. He got connected to TriSherpa through his triathlete cousin, Jamie Dake. One of his most memorable races was Ironman Canada in 2013. It was his first 140.6.  He learned that he needed a full suit in cold water conditions and had a bike issue 40 miles in. He was left with a fixed gear for the rest of his ride, but managed to finish the race and pulled out a 3:30 marathon. He will never forget that day and the trip with his uncle and two cousins. He was able to see a few folks from the Seattle area racing and reports it was an all around great venue and town! A few other memorable races include, Kansas 70.3 2013 and 2014. 2013 was a memorable moment as he was able to cross the finish line with his uncle. In 2014 he was able to have his coach and cousin J.D. push him to his new PR at that distance (4:36). He was so happy to have such a great race and for them to to be there with him to see it!! His 2015 racing goals include completing a 70:3 at a sub 4:30 time and hopefully a 4:15 at Steelhead as well as completing a 140.6 in 9:30. Last but not least he would like to qualify for Kona at IM Louisville!  Something you don’t know about Chris is that he ran the 2014 Boston marathon in a time of  3:08!  He re-qualified for '16 or '17  and says, "If anyone's going  he would love to go back to Bean town!" A few other fun facts include: he is an ex- smoker of 17 years and finally smoked his last in 2010! He is 36 years cavity free and he LOVES baked goods! Cheers and here’s to a great 2015!       

Matt Montgomery            

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