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Tri Sherpa Multisport club is a well organized group of athletes training and racing together; networking with each other. We have a growing list of sponsors providing a multitude of services and business affiliates enhancing our daily lives. Within the Club exists a coalition of internal and external coaches serving our club members and running weekly workouts available to all club members. Our club has various programs available to club members such as:

Triathlon training plans

Triathlon group workouts

Swim, bike and running technical instruction

track workouts

Triathlon and cycling custom clothing

Robust incentive package savings on racing and shop purchases


Dear Client,

After meeting and speaking with you concerning the benefits of having:

  • One-on-one lessons focused on improving one’s technique
  • Lesson plans to efficiently train
  • A coach to provide these and much more such as: the most effective ways to improve, train and race safely
  • Purhasing these any one of these programs is easy. Navigate to our coaching options/payment tab

We’re offering our coaching services. It is ultimately up to you to decide whether or not it is a good fit for you. The “Tri Sherpa coaching system” uses a flexible approach, geared for all skill levels and performance goals. We provide a personalized coaching programs targeted for each client. You will be better prepared for any endurance Multisport event, resulting in better fitness by having proven training plans and techniques.

Tri-Sherpa is based out of Denton, Texas. We offer lower rates than other available coaching options in the NDFW area due to: No store front, No overhead, and minimal marketing expenses. I’m not soliciting these services as an individual standalone coach; our club has 4 coaches who all work together to enhance the programs and services we provide. In order to receive this enhances services we ask each potential client to join the “Tri Sherpa Multisport Club”. However, this is not an added expense for those looking for coaching services as it is built into the 6 month minimum plan.

We're a private club and coaching system geared primarily towards teaching our clients. We providing a personalized, mentoring experience to them. Most triathlon coaches are stand-alone coaches and do not approach the coach/client relationship with the team concept as Tri Sherpa does. Our coaches use the same terminology, methods and philosophy to ensure we deliver a consistent message. Even though we are based out of Denton, our coaching services are designed such that long distance coaching/client services are managed.  other coaching products offer very little “one-on-one” time teaching clients the proper techniques, tactics, and methods to be more efficient and faster; rather they sell training plans and provide some guidance. Other coaching systems typically sell this “one-on-one time” at an additional rate. Please take a look at what we offer and the options each client has to choose what plan is right for you. In all- our plans are priced below our competitors allowing the client to get the most bang for the buck receiving the best experience available without bankrupting the athlete :)

My goal is to teach myself out of the client needing a coach; preparing them to train, race and be ready to perform at a high level in the multisport.


1.     Personal training session covers:

Swimming, running, cycling and Core Strength & Flexibility (CSF). Unique lessons designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes for those seeking fitness in these 4 areas. We quickly identify the client’s skill level and provide a single, “one-on-one” training session based off of his or her needs. This option is a great way to receive initial skill corrections and accurate training techniques. To briefly experience what “Tri Sherpa Coaching System” provides, allowing the client to determine if we make a good team benefiting their fitness goals and to opt into a comprehensive multi-lesson package.


Stand alone coaching sessions are: $50 per hour


2.     Bundle of 4 sessions covering:

Swimming, running, cycling and Core Strength & Flexibility (CSF). Unique lessons designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes for those seeking fitness in these 4 areas. We quickly identify the client’s skill level and provide 4 (one hour) training sessions based off of his or her needs. These sessions build the client’s skill level and are highly recommended over the single session coaching option. It’s a great way to acquire and perfect proper skills in the Multisport; clients receive homework, lessons to train from between coaching sessions. Clients who commit to 6 months are now part of the “Tri Sherpa Multisport club”, if they haven’t already purchased the yearly club fee. Clients receive: ongoing Q&A, a training plan for period of personal coaching, an initial assessment, a final evaluation with recommendations for any future coaching. It is recommended 1 coaching session per week to ensure a significant momentum of learning is achieved.


Coaching bundles are: $160 per client or two clients at once for $240


3.     Group coaching options:

Swimming, running, cycling and Core Strength & Flexibility (CSF). Unique lessons designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes for those seeking fitness in these 4 areas. We quickly identify the client’s skill level for each athlete and provide single 1 hour training session. This option is a great way to get initial skill corrections and accurate training techniques. Group training may enhance the client’s experience by adding others who are all learning and performing the same techniques, allows for group discussions as well. It’s perfect for company driven fitness programs or families and/or training partners. They mirror the single coaching session but in a group setting similar to the swim clinics we offer. It’s a great Segway to a more comprehensive coaching option.  They can be purchased as a bundle providing additional cost savings.


Standalone group training sessions are: 3 clients at $30 each ($90), 4-7 clients at $25 each

Bundles of 4, group training sessions are: $25 each - 3 clients at $300/bundle, 4 at $400/bundle, Etc.


4.     Triathlon coaching and options:

All coaching plans offered in the “metroplex” are not equal; Tri Sherpa club members receive the added benefit of a team of coaches working together to provide the most comprehensive training plans and coaching sessions. All coaching plans are based on month periods. The minimal recommended period is 4-6 months. However, this is dependent upon the skill and fitness level of the client, the race they are training for and the weekly time they have dedicated to train. We offer coaching plans for all distance triathlons, including standalone swim, run and cycling events. We I recommend 4-6 months for the Sprint and Olympic distance races, 6-8 months for the X-50/70.3 distances and for a 140.6 we recommend 9-12 months.  The Tri-coaching packages offer a ton of information, and are the most cost effective option. Clients can chose various options to the basic coaching plan to enhance the experience. Please see the below options.


·       Basic Training Plan- A monthly triathlon training plan (4 weeks) uniquely written for each client. This plan is emailed to the clients prior to each monthly period. An initial interview of athletes goals and a skill assessment of the athlete is performed (1 hour) one-on one session assessing the skill and endurance in the Swim, Bike and Run areas (Approximately 20 minutes in each area). This initial assessment will determine if any additional recommendations concerning one-on-one sessions are needed for the athlete to meet the goals they have.

 Embedded in the weekly plans are a myriad of Swim, Bike and Run workouts that identify the type, effort levels, and duration of each specific workout. Client train with a purpose and receive highly effective training plan.

 Clients receive race day: hydration, electrolytes and nutrition information. Weekly training regiments integrate and test these plans; clients hone their specific requirements prior to race day. Clients learn race tactics, heart rate (HR) capping and use this during training. Clients will know their estimated finish time prior to race day making the race a manageable success.

 Clients have access to group discussions on the “Tri Sherpa” Facebook page and the Web site (, where we share insightful training and racing information; a forum to network with your training group and provide occasional tutorials and other helpful links. We exchange emails for weekly training plan; phone and texting to ensure our COORDINATION, the most important piece of the coach/client experience is conducted at the highest level.

$140 per month



·       Training Peaks Data Exchange- An Enhanced Coaching/client experience. This option requires the athlete to use a Garmin or Polar training computer during all training periods. The athlete will upload this data to the on line Training Peaks program (very simple). This coaching option allows for a weekly exchange of information, targeted training plans based off of performance data (very precise milestones are set with this option), This plan is for the serious athlete who is looking for the highest level of achievement. An initial client interview is done prior to this option to ensure coach/client expectations are covered.

$70 per month

·       CT Option- Indoor cycling training. This option provides an initial baseline cycling Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test and a weekly indoor, 1 hour compu-trainer session (an indoor coached cycling program focused on increasing the athletes power capability); very beneficial to the athlete looking for the highest performance).

$50 per month

·       Personal training option- one-on-one sessions with a coach. Clients receive 2 sessions per month. Learning and improving techniques, gaining knowledge concerning race tactics, applying new skills occurs efficiently when you have a mentor to work with. This option is most effective to those athletes that: have a particular skill set needing improved upon, learn more effectively by watching and having a high degree of interaction, those who may need additional motivation during the workout to achieve the mile stones of the plan. (IE- anaerobic sets, distance or intensity requirements)

$70 per month


Personalized, monthly triathlon training plans ensuring the client’s training volume, intensity and consistency is adequately preparing them for the race and/or season. If choosing the personal training option athletes can choose between any of the below areas; choosing 2 per month. These lessons are One-on-one; at times, if other athlete’s performance capabilities are closely matching a pairing may occur.  


 Swim sessions- We analyze your swim and personalize the lessons to smartly transform the athlete’s technique ensuring they are perfecting 4 basic swim skillsets to improve and prepare the athletes swim. We ensure athletes have immediate video feedback to smartly and effectively improve. Clients receive various swim workouts ensuring a dynamic range of interval based and endurance drills are performed. Clients will perform Time Trials of varied distances; knowing prior to the race their expected swim finish time.


Bike sessions- We analyze the athletes skill set first. Athletes will perform indoor and outdoor bike training covering: gear management, hill approach, head wind and tail wind cycling methods, learn and perform cadence drills, discuss training and race cycling tactics as they apply to the distance triathlon. We ensure athletes have immediate video feedback to smartly and effectively improve. Athletes will achieve a high degree of understanding of the training plans they receive.


Run sessions- We analyze the athletes run technique. We teaching run skills based on the “chi-running” philosophy- ensuring your symmetry, balance, foot striking and cadence are conducive to running extended periods at your best race pace. We ensure athletes have immediate video feedback to smartly and effectively improve. We ensure athletes perform the identified workout described in the plan concerning volume, distance are achieved.


Core Strength & Flexibility (CSF) Gym style, circuit based Personal Training – The often neglected area of strength training, core strength and flexibility. Clients receive core and strength circuit routines for the gym ensuring they have needed core strength to perform the multisport skills. This improves swim, bike and run performance. They will have personal training to teach these techniques, proper form and learn why it is so important. These sessions are performed at the Tri Sherpa “Pain cave” or at La fitness if the client has a membership. Addition $15 dollar entrance fee is applied if La fitness is chosen by the client.



In addition to the above mentioned coaching plans we often have skill camps which have an added benefit of improving immediate fitness and specific techniques in a group environment. These Camps are accessible to Club members at a discount and have priority access when space is limited. Clients additionally receive discounts on future skill camps held throughout the coaching period; access to numerous group trainings. These are additional to the basic coaching sessions.


We are dedicated to ensuring not just the fastest athlete in the group is prepared; rather, each and every client has equal coaching time and attention. The options for our triathlon coaching plans are available to ensure each client receives the perfect program suited to their needs and desires. All information is communicated at the level and rate in which the client can absorb and understand.


Races and Fitness goals are achieved through proper training!!!


Additional stand-alone options:




·       FTP test is: $40 includes informed results (FTP) and cycling analysis

·       Single CT training sessions (drop in fee) are: $20 each per hour/session

·       Pre-paid Punch Card of 10 CT sessions are: $150


Good luck and let me know which options are right for you.



Archie Salters


(940) 536-9871

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