Tri Sherpa Multisport Club

Tri Sherpa Multisport club is a well organized group of athletes training and racing together; networking with each other. We have a growing list of sponsors providing a multitude of services and business affiliates enhancing our daily lives. Within the Club exists a coalition of internal and external coaches serving our club members and running weekly workouts available to all club members. Our club has various programs available to club members such as:

Triathlon training plans

Triathlon group workouts

Swim, bike and running technical instruction

track workouts

Triathlon and cycling custom clothing

Robust incentive package savings on racing and shop purchases


Tri Sherpa is offering our 1st annual "TRI 2 TRAIN" CAMP April 8-12, 2015. Thanks to our great sponsors we have the opportunity to offer this Training Camp to our club members. 

The Camp focus:

  • Increase triathletes knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Improve the athletes Training Stress Balance (TSB)  ensuring peak performance for races occurring between April 21-May 10.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Camp to be led by Tri Sherpa Coaches.                                              The camp includes:
  • Organized training program developed to maximize acute training loads
  • Training nutrition and hydration (water, gator aid)
  • Basic bike maintenance
  • BBQ on the final day (Sunday at 1:30 pm)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We we're document this camp with pictures, videos and interviews in an effort to capture the experience.

We are offering this private camp to our TriSherpa Club Members first ,but will open spots up to any and all triathletes (pending availability). This camp if for those looking  to improve their fitness, as well as to learn and perfect technique.

Location: Denton area/ Open water swims at IDB. Camp Agenda will be available in February.

First come first serve for holding your spot (20 spots available at this time).

Camp Cost: $100

Some of the services and activities we are planning are:

  • Seminars and Skill Specific Development
  • Introduce and apply efficient open water swim techniques
  • Learn and perform swim drafting, HR Zone riding, Zone running.
  • Perfect hydration, Nutrition and Electrolyte plan.

Athlete requirements:

This camp will be a rigorous training period intended for athletes who have a significant base training volume and can complete an open water swim of 1500 meters, 50 mile bike, and 10 k run. 


Prior to the camp we recommend athletes document an aerobic fitness test of: bike 30 miles capping HR in Zone 3 (document the HR average and average speed), an 8 mile run capping HR in Zone 3 (document the average HR and run pace).

After the camp each athlete should have a measurably  improved aerobic capacity.

Contact Archie for any questions.

940- 536-9871





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